With an ever growing emphasis on work/life balance and the need to support the health and wellness of your staff, corporate yoga might help provide a solution.

A great way to improve workplace morale, combat and reduce body tension, stress, anxiety and fatigue.  Yoga classes also provide exercise-induced endorphins and relaxation techniques that leave your staff feeling happy, rejuvenated and motivated. 

Benefits of Yoga for employees:

  • Increases overall fitness, stamina and flexibility

  • Helps with correct posture and alignment to reduce desk-relates injuries

  • Lowers risk of back pain and repetitive strains

  • Improves memory, mental clarity and concentration

  • Reduces stress and promote positive mindfulness techniques

  • Improves overall health leading to less sick days and absences

  • Increases motivation and efficiency

YunSan Yoga offers corporate yoga classes to companies across Dublin as part of their overall wellness programmes.

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